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A Personal Letter from John David, July 24, 2023

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you so much for supporting me on this journey. This has been by far the most difficult time of my life and without your support and encouragement, I would feel far more lost in this walk. I have witnessed so many of God’s miracles of perfect timing throughout this trial of faith. Its purpose is to build perseverance (James 1). The book of Ecclesiastes says there is a time for everything and that a cord of 3 strands is not easily broken. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for everyone who showed up to demonstrate their support at my sentencing. I feel that one side (of the courtroom), being full of beautiful women and wise men, while the other side was empty, illustrates fully what is going on in the court.

I have now been waiting nearly 8 months for a denial of new trial (an archaic Tennessee practice) to move forward with the appeal, and have suffered unusually during this trying time. At the county jail, Bledsoe, and at Trousdale prison, inmates serving 10+ years have told me being here at Trousdale Turner Correctional Facility was the hardest time they have ever served. This is the result of intense lockdowns, sometimes 24 hours a day for weeks, only getting 2 sack lunches of peanut butter sandwiches with no commissary due to brutal stabbings of Warden, COs, inmates, and inmate deaths from fentanyl overdose. In one week, 10 inmates in my pod here at Trousdale overdosed on fentanyl, and one died who could not be resuscitated. This prison is severely understaffed and really needs to be taken over by TDOC as they do not operate by TDOC policy in many ways. Trousdale feels like a third-world country. There are many Nigerians who work here that barely speak English, the black population is violent while extreme, racist against whites, the doors are easy to rig, providing little security, and most inmates are armed with some form of “butcher” knife, which they use to collect debts for the seemingly unending supply of drugs that come into the prison. Suboxone (OJ/Orange), K2, Meth (ice/cold water), and fentanyl (H/Knockdown) sell for 10 times what they do on the street.

Fortunately, I am very well regarded by my fellow inmates because they all know and see that I do no drugs and that I’m an extremely dependable person. In the week that 10 overdosed in our pod, one was, unfortunately, my current cellmate. He is a high-level Vice Lord (gang called Vice Lords) who is over our building. When he overdosed, I gave him CPR for half an hour to save his life, but that night a guy named J Lord, who was a Vice Lord brother of his did die from the same supply. Fortunately, my cellmate has not done anymore since. I try to minister to him day by day and encourage him as he is getting out in 90 days after finishing a 12-year sentence for armed robbery, possession of assault weapons, and narcotics. According to TDOC, Trousdale must ship all minimum security inmates – which I am. So, I may be sent to a much better prison soon.

I recently celebrated my 35th birthday receiving many gifts and letters from my loved ones. It means so much to hear from you. I am so sorry my communications are so strictly limited. I have no access to text or email in prison, with an extremely limited call list of only 10 numbers – 2 being my attorneys. I am living my most righteous life, completely free of sin despite these intense restrictions. I am so thankful to our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ for His faithfulness that we may receive the gift of grace by His finished work on the cross – His triumph! Over sin and over death by the law – Israel’s stumbling stone, the Stone the builders rejected, which is now the cornerstone of our salvation.

“Wait while I make your enemies my footstool.”  “The timing will be perfect.”  God’s timing always is, even when we are oblivious to all, He is continually doing for us out of our sight and mind for His perfect purpose to His ultimate glory. Rejoice! No one enjoys suffering, but we can count it all joy in His mercy. I have the fullest faith His way will prevail, as it always does, and that we will see life-giving redemption come from all of this. Thank you for your prayers, your support, and continuously sharing my story.

In His loving kindness, tenderness, unlimited righteousness, gentle grace, living peace, and fulfilling purpose.

God Bless,

John David Cunningham

Here is a link to John David’s Handwritten Letter to Family and Friends

P.S. After two months of intense lockdown and SORT Team presence, I was finely able to go to church, sing praise to God, and take communion. The very next week my parents, Elliott and Mary-Kathryn, were able to come visit me for the first time in 6 months – twice! This is a big breakthrough, relatively speaking, and I pray this is a sign Jesus is opening the pathway to my freedom and release from this wicked bondage. I pray every day for my children’s safety as I am always concerned for them in Connie’s custody. She is an extremely evil woman who has done so many people wrong, including my own children, her adopted children, and her immediate family – suing nearly all of them and threatening to sue them repeatedly and frivolously. My children are in just as much of a prison as I am, being under her control. Thank you for all you are doing for our deliverance into freedom. God Bless.

So Many Miracles

The last verse of John says Jesus did so many things that went unwritten, and I can testify in my own life that it would be very difficult to document all of the synchronicities and miracles of God’s timing and righteousness just from witnessing it in my own life, much less than in the multitudes surrounding Jesus Himself in the flesh.

Parental Alienation is a universal issue as we have been alienated from our Heavenly Father and led astray to be confused and slain in sin. The attack on our Constitution is to alienate us from our inalienable rights given to us by the Founding Fathers, who birthed our Constitution by revolution.

Finally, the attack on the nuclear family is the closest proximity ever in our country, leading to parental alienation and the taking of children to be parented by the state.

Personally, I was alienated from my children by a professional alienator, Connie Reguli, who claims divorce is her “bread and butter” with the express purpose of taking custody of my children due to herself being barren. “It’s just business.” – DA Prosecutor Hugh Ammerman. To this day, I am fighting for my children. I cannot tell you how many people I would meet, more and more up to my trial date, who would tell me they had a degree of parental alienation in their life or the life of someone they love – and the encouragement they would give me to keep going and to keep being present as much as possible.

It feels like, as much as God (Heavenly Father) has miraculously been there and showed up for me, satan has tried to sabotage His plan, repeatedly using every way he can to take my children into his custody. Statistically, children without fathers grow up with significantly more issues. I know my children have phenomenal potential, and this is why this severe attack has come upon my bloodline.

My daughter was smiling at me and waving after she boldly testified in front of the jury (at only 10 years old) saying, “No” to the charges when asked directly by the DA Prosecutor Hugh Ammerman, interjecting, “I lied about all of the inappropriate stuff in the second interview.”  Which is where all of the charges come from. This is the boldness of Esther potentially facing death in the midst of Haman’s plot to kill her people. There is no question the same spirit behind Haman’s plot is at work here, but thanks to the Word of God we know what will happen (in the end).

In the meantime, I have served our Heavenly Father and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by ministering to inmates in my proximity through faith and by example. Our Lord’s favor is absolutely over me and I cannot express my gratitude for all of your prayers as I continuously feel an angelic presence bringing me peace. I pray for you to be blessed in His ultimate purpose.


Below is the video of John David and the children being reunited after the allegations were made and the Family Court Judge ruled he got to see his children.


John David Cunningham is innocent of all charges. He and his children, his daughter & his son, are all victims of this Silver Bullet Divorce. Please demand Justice for John David and his family.

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