The Elease Project

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PrisonPAL Ministries

This ministry teaches prisoners the Bible in a classroom setting. We teach them a foundation that will lead to success in their lives in all areas as their future life will be built upon the rock which is Christ Jesus. We show them average, normal, every day people, and how God transformed them.


PovertyPAL assists people that are in housing with a roof over their head, but they are on low income or fixed incomes. There are thousands of people in this country that are in this situation and this huge problem must be addressed now. Plus, PovertyPAL helps those without, gets them housing and turns their houses into homes by providing dollars to solve the problem.


There is a real lack of money when it comes to missionaries. Many churches have to raise $75,000-$150,000 once a year on a special Sunday to support missionaries. These missionaries do awesome work in many countries. This money many times has to be split to support several different missionaries. MissionaryPAL has a mission statement to help ease the burden in this area.


MissionPAL is the beginning and the heart of The Elease Project. When a man or woman steps up to the plate in life and helps a complete stranger, this is when transformation happens both for the helper and for the one in need of help. MissionPAL can give many the financial help and love that they need.


Families who take care of children with chronic conditions face immense challenges. We are building a Community of Families, Health Care Practitioners, Educators and Organizations to support Children’s Wellness. We work together with the Hospitals, Practitioners, Non-Profits and Parent Groups to provide these families a Community that shifts the focus to HOPE.


ForeclosurePAL is designed to save families and individuals homes from being foreclosed on. When a family goes into foreclosure, there are actually two foreclosures. The family is put on the street and the home goes into shambles. Both the family and the home are damaged. ForeclosurePAL provides dollars to get people that are behind on their mortgages totally caught up and out of foreclosure.


The AthletePal programsupports youth football, basketball, and baseball leagues, and gets youth better equipment, teaching tools, videos, and covers their fees to play with financial assistance. Many children cannot afford the above items and are in need of teaching tools and videos that teach the fundamentals that camps teach. The young athletes are also taught how to apply their sound fundamental sports backgrounds into business.