Peter Newton helped me so much with my new company LeasePAL and this charity named The Elease Project. He taught me to be nice, humble, and to work smart as I seek to make the world a better place for others, myself, and my wife Leslie whom I miss so much.

He taught me to always take care of our employees and to make each one of them feel important and appreciated. He worked with me to diligently strive to help those people who have had life kick them kick them all the way to the bottom of the staircase of life. The goal was to get these people’s lives totally back in order.

We want to help them alleviate their specific problems and get them qualified for renting. Then we want to use my new technology at LeasePAL that reports the renters on time payments to the credit bureaus. Once a renter graduates from LeasePAL it is our goal to get them into home ownership with their excellent credit score and certificate of excellence diploma from LeasePAL. Peter sadly passed away in December of 2017. This project would not be possible without his guidance. We love you and miss you greatly. – Keith